Wysong Enterprises, Inc. Delivers Third Refurbished MD500 to AIR2

Wysong Enterprises, Inc., (Wysong) announced today that they delivered the third of four refurbished MD500D helicopters to AIR2, LLC (AIR2). The refurbishment work included rewiring the entire airframe, installation of a new avionics package, sheet metal repairs including panel replacement, window replacement, and custom painting of the interior and exterior of the aircraft.

“This is the second set of aircraft we have worked on for Air2,” said Vice President of Wysong Enterprises, Inc., Rodney Wysong.   “We appreciate AIR2 giving us the opportunity to equip their helicopters.”

AIR 2, LLC is a national, helicopter assisted power transmission line contractor. AIR2 airborne crews deliver customer focused power line services utilizing the MD500 helicopter to maximize productivity while virtually eliminating costly and bothersome right-of-way issues. AIR2 management brings together over 100 years of combined working experience in providing premier construction, maintenance and inspection services to North American utility companies.

Jonathon Sole is the Vice President of Operations for AIR2.  “Wysong did an exceptional job on the first completion project we gave them,” said Sole.  “The quality of their work, knowledge of employees about the system, and craftsmanship is top notch. They deliver on time and on budget.”

Wysong’s ability to perform the entire repair and overhaul work under one roof also was a factor for Air2’s decisions. “Because Wysong can have everything inside and out repaired at one location it helps reduce downtime for our fleet,” added Sole.

“Our goal beyond servicing the needs of our clients is to maximize their resources.  By completely rewiring the aircraft, installing new equipment and other upgrades, we extend the life of an aircraft for our customers.  This equates to less down time, improved efficiency, and a reliable aircraft that our customers can depend on,” said Wysong.

Wysong anticipates delivering the fourth MD500D to AIR2 by the end of February 2012.