Wysong Enterprises Continues Essential Services During Quarantine

KY State Police MD 530 Close Up

Wysong Enterprises announced today that the company has worked on more than 20 aircraft during the COVID-19 pandemic in the last twelve weeks to keep essential law enforcement and air medical aircraft in operation.  The work performed on aircraft included large-scale overhauls, completions, routine maintenance and repairs, and inspections.

“Our industry, and really our world, has faced unprecedented times with COVID-19, “ said Wysong Enterprises Sales Manager Paul Schreuder. “Keeping law enforcement and air medical aircraft flying during this time is essential. Our team has worked extremely hard to make sure that our customers that provide front line care for communities were taken care of quickly and were back out on the front lines as soon as possible.”

Wysong’s work included more than a dozen air medical ships, six law enforcement, and five government service aircraft.

“We are always committed to getting our customer’s aircraft back to them quickly to serve their communities.  During this entire pandemic, our team has remained steadfast in our work, so the men and women that fly and operate these essential aircraft have the latest equipment they need to complete their missions safely.  On these aircraft we have upgraded lights, navigation equipment, installed new infrared devices, restored airframes, and performed numerous new routine maintenance needs,” said Schreuder.

Most recently, Wysong completed an MD 530 for the Kentucky State Police Department.  The team at Wysong installed a Churchill mapping system, Macro Blue display, an MX-10 EO/IR System, a Trakka Beam Light, and ASU NVG Cockpit Modification.

The last few air medical ships received routine inspections, avionics, and air conditioning troubleshooting, minor body repair, repainting, and new color schemes, full refurbishment, and a green aircraft completion. Hospital Wing is a Memphis-based air ambulance service that has assisted the West Tennessee region for more than 30 years and has completed more than 40,000 flight hours.  The company sent H130T2 to be worked recently during the pandemic.

“We were short-handed and had some other inspections going on, so we needed our aircraft repair turned quickly,” said Hospital Wing Director of Maintenance, Purchasing, and Pilot Nick King. “The team at Wysong does an excellent job, and they were able to get our aircraft back to us quickly.  With all the missions we fly and transports we perform, on a daily basis, we needed our aircraft back.