You’re only making money when the equipment works.

Congratulations, you won the contract. Now with the customer counting on you, you have to be able to count on your aircraft. When downtime isn’t an option, trust our experienced technicians to keep you in the air with expertly-installed mission equipment.

Utility – In many cases, utility helicopters are the work horses of the air. Specific jobs with often dangerous environments require components that are focused and dependable. Recent projects include refurbishing of MD500 airframes and custom safety solutions for long line operators.

Forestry – We understand equipment-specific contract requirements such as those utilized by the US Department of Interior in its firefighting operations.

Aerial Survey / LiDAR – Custom equipment mounts and racks unique to your mission.

Installation Experience Includes:

  • FM multiband radios
  • Cargo & load systems
  • Water and retardant dispersal tanks
  • Sphere dispenser systems
  • Heli-torch equipment
  • RIEGL laser scanner
  • Applanix, Canon camera systems

    Wysong is an approved sales and installation facility for all leading avionics manufacturers.

    We look forward to hearing your ideas today.