Superior Rotorcraft Completion Since 1989

Since the early 1970’s, Mr. Wysong and his staff of professionals have worked in various niches of the aviation industry including helicopters, airliners, corporate jets, and small airplanes. Today, Wysong is one of the few independent customizing facilities still owned by field-tested aviation professionals.

In the late 1980’s, when electronic news gathering (ENG) was in its infancy, Wysong saw the need for the customization of media helicopters. As equipment became more complex, TV stations across North America returned to Wysong for their expertise in these highly technical integrations. Over the years, most of the major news events that have been seen from the air have been made possible by Wysong equipment and installations.

In recent years, they have leveraged this strong background and trusted reputation into all types of helicopter customizations, repairs, maintenance, and refurbishment. Wysong takes pride in a friendly, professional atmosphere, and will dedicate their full attention to your needs and special requests. To experience their commitment to excellence and customer service, call them today.

Our type of business brings a lot of fun and fulfillment to the workplace. The programs that we are involved in give me a lot of satisfaction knowing that Wysong Enterprises is a factor in saving lives and keeping safe environments for our families. I am very happy to be involved in a business of creating and building something, and then maintaining what we assemble.

Steve Wysong, President


April 30, 1980 – April 17, 2016

Some children grow up in the shadow of their parents walking gently in their footsteps, and others emerge from the shadows to achieve greatness. Rodney Wysong spent countless hours shuffling around hangars, playing in avionics shops and sitting in helicopters as a kid and emerged as a man that helped build a family legacy. Rodney Wysong, known once simply as Steve Wysong’s kid rose from the shadows, built a strong reputation for helping customers and turned the tables so Steve became known as Rodney’s Dad.