Electronic Display Indicator


The Wysong Electronic Display Indicator

Wysong Enterprises’ EDI (Electronic Display Indicator) has the ability to display information from airborne microwave antenna controllers. This enables the pilot to know where the antenna is pointing in relation to the aircraft. This information is helpful to produce an optimum microwave signal. The Electronic Display indicator (EDI) displays the antenna direction in conjunction with the aircraft, whether or not the transmitter is powered up, and latitude/longitude information. It also has the ability to display additional information.


• Data Connectivity: RS-232 or USB with active sync.
• Touch Screen: Available upon request
• Connector: Amp Connector, PT02A-14-15P
• Mating Connector: Amp Connector, PT06A-14-15S-SR
• DC Power: 28 VDC with 3.2 amp on rush and 2.5 operating amp
• Dimensions: Depth 5.28 inches, Front 3.27 inches square (Fits in a standard 3 1/8 Instrument Panel Opening)